Rebel Mountain Mastiff

rebel mountain mastiffs

Status: Sponsored Breeder

Kim Dualan and her family, are The mastiff breeders known as Rebel Mountain Mastiffs. They are legendary across the north-eastern United States for producing some of the most amazing mastiff hybrids. The Rebel Mountain lineage, is best known for a docile, yet protective nature and temperament and train-ability. Along with, the most beautiful color variations. As such, you can Imagine, there’s a wait list when it comes to puppies from this lineage and blood-line. Use the form below to contact Kim @ Rebel Mountain Mastiffs.

Breeding: Hybrid Mastiff

Mixing the Neopolitan, Bordeaux, Dane and the English Bull mastiff

Contact: Kim Dualan

Location: Clifton, Maine

Transport / Deliveries: to be determined

Contact: Rebel Mountain Mastiffs